1. Our company will only acquire personal information using proper methods and not through fraud or by any other deceptive means.
  2. Our company will only use personal information when required for the following reasons. If it is to be used for any other purpose in the future then it will only be with the express consent of the user.

    (1)To answer question or to send materials regarding our products.
    (2)To provide information about our products and services.

  3. Regarding the secure storage of personal information
    Our company will take all necessary and appropriate measure to prevent damage, leakage, or loss of personal information.
  4. Disclosure or provision of personal information to third parties
    Our company will protect all personal information that we receive from the user, and only share it with third parties in the following cases:
      - With the customer's explicit consent
      - When, in the process of creating the service that the customer wishes for, we use subcontractors.
      - When legally compelled to share information.
  5. Disclosure and correction of personal information
    When asked by the customer to display the customer's personal information we will do so as rapidly as possible. At that time, if the customer has no proof of identity then we will be unable to answer the request.
    When personal information is incorrect, we will honor the request of the customer to change, add, or delete information as rapidly as possible after the matter has been reviewed. If the customer is unable to offer proof of identity then we will be unable to answer the request.

    If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please use the contact form to contact us.
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