mimiCopy FAQ

Q1: The message "An unknown error occurred" is displayed.

A. This seems to be an issue related to multitasking (introduced by iOS 4). To resolve this issue, exit mimiCopy completely.

For detailed instructions, refer to the following URL:

If you continue to experience problems, uninstall and reinstall mimiCopy. (Note that all imported files will be deleted when you uninstall the app.)

No additional payment is required for reinstalling the app.

Q2: mimiCopy used to work, but no longer works.

A. For uncertain issues, we suggest you try the following:

Troubleshoot as an “unknown error” (See Q1).
Reboot iOS. Hold down the power button and home button until the Apple logo is displayed (after the red slider for shutdown). Release the buttons and wait for the system to turn back on.
Reinstall the app (delete and reinstall mimiCopy).
Tap and hold down on an icon. After a few seconds, all icons will start to shake, with an X displayed on the upper left corner of each icon. Tap the X to delete the app. Press the home button to finish.
Reinstall the app from the App Store app or via iTunes.
Delete mimiCopy as described above in (c), reboot iOS as described in (b), and then reinstall mimiCopy.

In some cases, the waveform cache and other files may become corrupted and unusable. In such a case, delete and import the track again.

Q3: The message "Could not import track from iPod library" is displayed.

A. Many of the tracks available on the iTunes Music Store are protected by DRM, and cannot be imported.
iTunes Plus tracks are DRM-free, and can be imported.

To use the waveform view, speed control, and other features of mimiCopy, you must first import the track into mimiCopy. The iPod Player function provides playback only.
To use the iPod Player function, tap the "File" button on the main view, and then the "iPod Player" button on the bottom right corner to select the track.

Q4: Import button for the iPod library is not displayed.

A. iOS versions older than iOS 4 do not support import from the iPod library.
Update your iOS, or import the tracks via Wi-Fi or USB (iTunes).

Q5: Speed control is not enabled. Waveform view is not displayed.

On the “Select Track” screen, tap the iPod button at the bottom left to import the track.


Tap the iPod icon button (circled in yellow) to import the track

The “iPod Player” button on the bottom right is for playback only, and does not provide unique features of mimiCopy such as speed control and waveform view.

Q6: There is an issue with playback and/or waveform view.

A. You may experience issues in loading a track, even if is encoded in a supported file format. Try using another encoder or changing the encoding settings. If the track cannot be imported from the iPod library, try importing via Wi-Fi or USB (iTunes).

Note that iOS 4.3 or later is required to import WAV and AIFF files from the iPod library.

Q7: The message “Unknown format” is displayed.

A.  iOS 4.3 or later is required to import WAV and AIFF files from the iPod library. Update your iOS, or import the tracks via Wi-Fi or USB (iTunes).

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