mimiCopy - Music Dictation Player

Music player designed especially for musicians.Learn-by-ear has never been easier!

Version1.0 for iPhone / iPod touch / iPad

Available on the iPhone App Store
Main View(iPhone)
Main View (iPhone)
Speed Control View(iPhone)
Speed Control View (iPhone)
Main View(iPad)
Main View (iPad)


The bug was reported that the pro features are not unlocked when you 'sign in' on Ver.1.5.5 using the user account made in Ver.1.5.3.
In that case,delete your user account once, then regist again. The procedure is as follows;
- ‘Sign in’ on the user account screen once.
- Tap ‘Delete user account‘.
- Tap ‘New user registration‘. Please do registration procedure once again.

After delete your user account, you can register by the same user name again.
We're preparing a fixed version. As soon as an review of Apple passes, we will release it. Sorry for the inconvinience.
*You can confirm the version from ‘Credits&Support of the Setting screen.
*It's unrelated to the user who registered before 1.5.2.

<Main features>

mimiCopy is a music player app designed to assist musicians learn-by-ear. It offers a selection of useful features such as waveform view and playback speed/pitch control.

<Suggested Usage>

Some functions above are features of the Pro version. Pro version users must register (registration is free).

Compatible with iPhone 4 or later.
Requires iOS 6 or later

Support:Use the contact form to get in touch with our support team.

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